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History of our studio

Guy's interest in photography started in the 5th grade, with a darkroom in a bedroom closet. By high school, he was modifying antique cameras to accept American film sizes, and working in a camera shop developing and printing customer's black & white pictures.  He worked his way through college shooting 4x5 commercial images for local businesses and the local television station news department.

In 1994, he began specializing in "people" photography, and in the past 14 years has photographed over 400 weddings and events.  The commercial work continues to grow, for Fortune 500 customers throughout the United States.

Still committed to photographing people, commercial assignments now fill the schedule. Our flexibility makes work on the customer's schedule practical.

So why choose Guy Lewis Photography?

There are many great photographers in the Northwest.  Portland and Seattle are high-technology  industrial centers and home base to a number of Fortune 500 companies.  Art Directors here appreciate higher quality, and expect to pay a little more.  Value is the story, and the Northwest attracts the photographic artists and craftsmen who provide a package of overall value.

Our daily association with top photographers in the Northwest provides a resource for our customers.  We can do your job ourselves, within our own plant, or handle your job with the assistance of other photographers, studios, labs, and suppliers.  For the customer, this is one-stop shopping.  If we can't schedule your assignment, we can recommend another professional studio with available time.  

The success of our studio has allowed us to invest in modern technology.  We originate with both digital and film. Our in-house lab is 100% color, and prints up to 24" x 36" are available overnight when we have your negatives on file. We can provide highest quality large format digital camera files for display prints,  publication  quality files for magazine advertisements, and optimized files for your website. Digital scans from negatives or transparencies are available up to 4000 lines/inch from 35mm or 70mm negatives or slides, and true photo quality scans to 2400 lines/inch from larger film and flat artwork.  Digital output is to CD/DVD or Epson's newest 100 year digital printers in sizes up to 24"x72".

This page updated February 03, 2008