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A few of our recent assignments!

Here are some images from recent events.  Click each thumbnail to see the full size photograph.  Every image in this website is original, copyright Guy Lewis Photography.

Valley Forge Bride.jpg (55494 bytes)  Tobi Christmas 00.jpg (48036 bytes) Grayson Angel.jpg (18865 bytes) November Kiss.jpg (75070 bytes) Kelly by window.jpg (36983 bytes) Barefoot Bride.jpg (60094 bytes) Children.jpg (516402 bytes) Bella with Horn.jpg (31741 bytes) Bella & Pillar.gif (168162 bytes) Scott closeup.jpg (70887 bytes) Walk Around 75 dpi.JPG (66538 bytes) Production Switcher for Web.jpg (248368 bytes)  Inside from above.jpg (56412 bytes) Dockers Khakis.jpg (43948 bytes) Microsoft NAPTE 1-1.gif (121176 bytes) Grrrrr.gif (202478 bytes) Sony Comp Ent NO 2000.jpg (64340 bytes) Sky Box Bar.jpg (66557 bytes) Playstation 2.gif (280781 bytes) GIRO exhibit SIA 2001.jpg (53643 bytes) Sony E3 2001.jpg (164671 bytes) Pinnacle Exhibits Building.jpg (48959 bytes) Sony E3 SE entrance for web.jpg (173718 bytes) Lautrelle Falls.gif (303105 bytes) Ecola Bay - Oregon.jpg (51004 bytes) Baltimore Harbor Ship for web.jpg (88275 bytes) wpe1.jpg (25243 bytes) Timber Post Office web.jpg (66148 bytes) John Wooden wide for web.jpg (113063 bytes) World Forestry Center web.jpg (48066 bytes)wpe4.jpg (20460 bytes) Sony E2 2002 082 small for web.jpg (107980 bytes)